High School Stress Study Result

High School Stress FACTS

A. Some universal facts fit into common national high school students:

    1.  Most high school school students ever have cheating behavior due to the stress produced by competitive environment of school and desire of personal accomplishments

       a. 50% consider cheating won’t be serious illegal.

       b. 75% ever been engaged in cheating.

So although the laws clearly state that cheating is seriously illegal, but majority students still been motivated by the increasing school stress for cheating behaviors.

    2. According to Mental Health America’s data result, 20% of American teen have significant depression level.

As most American high school students feeling for significant stress level, those with low self mental strength can easily built up for their stress level.

    3. 73% high school teachers consider that high school students are more stressed than past decades.

    4. In UK, 73% of high school students have commit that they ever have thoughts about suicide.

    5. The AP program in US, and BCET program in UK brought high school students with advanced stress level.

B. In-school survey investigated result:

1.In level scale from 1 to 10:

that all the population consider that their stress level higher or equal to scale 3. 64.28% of students took the survey consider they have a stress level higher than 5. Average stress level is 6.21

2. On specified survey of which subject brought most stress:

The Social Studies courses been most chosen with 57.14% of the choices. And science with 21.43%, math with 14.29%, English with 7.14%.

3. For to what level is the subject with most stress affects individuals planned major in future colleges, none of investigated students claimed the choice of “Most Strong effect”, only 20% claimed for “strong effect”, the other 60% of investigated students considered the subject brought to them with the most stress have some or no effect on their major choice.

4. As a question target on the impact of parents expectations affect your stress level, according to the survey, 13.33% of population took the survey claimed the parent expectations have most strong effects, while 26.67% claimed their parents’ expectations have strong affect on their stress level. While only 6.67% of students consider their parents expectation have no effect on their stress level.

5. While for the solution of releasing stress, half of students chose music, while 30% chose sports, and 20% chose reading.


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credit to SurveyMonkey for host my costumed online survey.