a. Objectives
Xiaoru Shi’s Resume
Major in Computer Science, attend graduate school in a similar major, study for MBA. I will attend double major. Study abroad, if I can, I would like to start my own business, or work as software development engineer.

b. Personal Summary
PGSS Alumni, first language level for both English and Chinese. Fluent programing skills on Python, Java, C++ and web design languages. Programed for Amazon Echo and conducted academic research on the market of smart home technology.

c. Working experience
1. Work as Chinese Teacher for Reading Chinese Association, teaches at Alvernia University during weekend, from October, 2016 to October 2017.

d. Volunteers
1. National Honor Society Member
2. Helped at Innovation Days for Wyomissing Hills Elementary School
3. Helped for Science Day for West Reading Elementary School
4. Organize and take photos for Reading Chinese Association
5. High School Service Club

e. Activities
1. High School Math Team(9, 10, 11, 12)
2. Senior High Year Book/Colophon(9, 11, 12)
3. Model United Nation(10, 11, 12)
4. Service Club(10, 11, 12)
5. Gifted Program(10, 11, 12)
6. High School Tennis(10, 12)
7. Wyo 5 Live(11, 12)
8. Science Olympiad(11, 12)
9. Senior High Concert Choir(11, 12)
10. Senior High Chorus(12)
11. National Honors Society(11, 12)
12. Mini-Thon Committee(12)
13. Quiz Bowl(11, 12)
14. Wyo STEAM Club(11, 12)

f. Academics(letter grade for the class)

1. 9th grade(Weighted GPA: 4.6182)

a. Honors The American Century(A)
b. Military History(A)
c. Visual Basic Programming I(A)
d. Visual Basic Programming II(A)
e. Phys Ed Sem 1(A)
f. Phys Ed Sem 2(A)
g. Honors English 9(B)
h. Honors Biology I(A)
I. Honors Geometry(A)

2. 10th grade(Weighted GPA: 4.8885)

a. Honors Pre-Calculus(A)
b. Honors Chemistry I(A)
c. Honors English 10(B)
d. AP Computer Science A/ Java I(B)
e. AP Computer Science A/ Java II(A)
f. Phys Ed Sem 1(A)
g. Phys Ed Sem 2(B)
h. Personal Resource Management(B)
I. AP World History(B)
J. AP Seminar(A)
K. Health(B)

3. 11th Grade(Weighted GPA: 5.17)
a. AP Chemistry(A)
b. AP Language & Composition(B)
c. AP US Government/Politics(A)
d. Honors Software Design Android & iPhone
e. Phys Ed Sem 1(A)
f. Phys Ed Sem 2(A)
g. AP Calculus AB(A)
h. AP Research(A)
I. IS Choral Music(A)
4. 12th Grade
a. AP Calculus BC
b. AP Macro & Micro Economics
c. Honors Robotics
d. AP Computer Science Principle
f. AP Literature
g. AP Physics
h. Phys Ed Sem 1
I. Phys Ed Sem 2
J. IS Choral Music

g. Leadership
1. Co-founded the Wyo STEAM Club(11th, 12th grade)
2. Organize and Host the Chinese New Year Party for Reading Chinese Association in
3. President of Science Olympiad(12th grade)
4. President of Math Team(12th grade)
5. Service Club officer(10th grade)

h. Award and Honors(grade that I received the award or honor)
1. President’s Educational Awards Program, President’s Award for Educational
Excellence in recognition of Outstanding Academic Excellence 2016(9)
2. AP Scholar Award(10)
3. 3rd Place in Pennsylvania Trig Star Competition(10)
4. 2018 National Finalist for the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Competition in recognition of outstanding achievement in high school chemistry
5. Second Place in Chemistry Lab in Southern Eastern Science Olympiad
6. Proclamation from Wyomissing Area School District Board of School Directors at Wyomissing Area School District
7. College Board AP Scholar with Distinction Award
8. Certificate for Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University from July — August 4, 2018.
Computer Fair
9. Principal’s 4.0 Award from Wyomissing Area Junior-Senior High School
10. 3rd Place Web Design in the Regional Competition of the Pennsylvania High School

Download Resume here:
Xiaoru Shi’s Resume